Why should my club consider ODPL?
It’s low-maintenance. Administration consists of getting scores to the website reasonably quickly. You don’t need to fill out forms, send in cheques, maintain a membership list, figure out who is where on a competitive ladder, or really do anything except put on a safe, fun match following the ODPL rules to maintain some uniformity. It’s true club-level activity, brings in a few dollars to support the operation of the club, and is fun!
Does the ODPL replace the existing IDPA / CDP / etc. activity in Southwestern Ontario?
No – we aim to extend and regularize, not replace.
Why would we care about uniformity?
When you train and gear up, your training and equipment should be largely transferable as you do IDPA and IDPA-style from place to place – this protects your investment in time and money.
Hey, I’m rated Master in the standard IDPA ranking system – why don’t you have other Masters shoot against me, and not Sharpshooters and the rest?
Because a) there aren’t enough shooters at a given match to make it helpful to compare class to class b) a lot of IDPA and IDPA-style shooters have never done a classifier c) that would involve record keeping and d) there are a some “gamey” shooters who would deliberately toss a classifier in order to compete in, and therefore win, in a lower class. IDPA and ODPL, without prizing or a national or regional ‘ladder’ to climb, is about personal best. You know who the good shooters are – benchmark yourself against them.
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