Getting Started

How do I start shooting?

Are you new to action shooting? New to shooting generally? Or just new to ODPL? Here are the things we suggest that you do to shoot ODPL:

  1. get a holster qualification if you don’t already have one – see the rules for acceptable qualifications
  2. come out to a match and see how things are run, and what your role is as a shooter
  3. practice, practice, and then practice some more! You will have an enjoyable match if you have the skills required to keep up with the course of fire. You can practice on your own (respecting your club’s rules), or you can find a local club that hosts practice nights.
  4. understand the rules, gear up, then register for a match and shoot! As a courtesy, let the RO know it’s your first match. Buddy-up with an experienced shooter and ask questions as required.
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