Handgun-Only Rules

If you gear up and train for IDPA, you’ll be in good shape. In an effort to ‘simplify’ compliance, and to bring in some Canadian-specific content (like holster certifications), we have drawn up our own rules. Constructive feedback to is always welcome.

  1. Click here for a PDF rulebook. Read the equipment rules carefully – if your gear is not compliant, you will not be permitted to shoot, so don’t complain about a long drive for nothing!

Multi-Gun Rules

The spirit of multi-gun is “fun” – gear up and play marine, swat, whatever – if the cowboys can wear fringes, we can wear chest-rigs, BDU’s and bandoleers… or khaki capris. The most common Multi-Gun matchs will have handgun, shotgun, and carbine. Some will include precision rifle. Rules will be the current ODPL ruleset with the following exceptions:

  1. for your handgun, you may use thigh rigs or other attachments that allow safe holstering. Still no crossdraw, SOB, or shoulder rigs.
  2. your gear does not have to be concealed.
  3. your handgun must be suitable as a service pistol (and still fit the box), but need not be suited to concealed carry.
  4. you may carry as much ammunition for any of your guns as you wish, in any manner you wish.
  5. your longarms may be as tarted-up as you desire provided that they still function safely.
  6. you may use a sling on your longarms, but muzzle control still applies. If you can’t guarantee safe muzzle direction with your sling, don’t use it. Not every match allows slings.
  7. shotgun shot must be #4 birdshot or physically larger. Specific targets and/or courses of fire may have other limitations (e.g., no buckshot) so check the match flyer for details.
  8. you may not use a formal rest, front or back, on your precision rifle. You may use an attached support (bipod, monopod, sling, etc.) and/or informal sandbag (literally a bag of sand, not bunny/owl/hawk-eared formed leather/nylon/etc bags).

As always, a match director or range may have additional requirements, so read the flyers in advance.

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