Galt, Colby and Sudbury have scheduled

So now we have a full season  – thanks in advance to the volunteers at Galt, Colby, and Sudbury!

2014 Season Shaping Up

Some new match directors are warming up – I hope to have some good announcements regarding match schedules in a few weeks.  Looks like, maybe, a busy season!

Site restored!

Once again, and for only the second time in three years, we had a website outage.  Thanks to quick help from our volunteer host, (not me – the guy who has our content on his servers), we are back up and running.

Looks like Galt will be hosting another match soon – so stay tuned.

Season shaping up.

Galt has just set its first match, and Andy in Sudbury is looking to have a full season!

Galt Match Set

August 18 – see you all there!

Club News

Galt is still figuring out dates – we should know soon enough.  HAHA will not run any matches this year.

2012 Starts

Well, 2011 has come and gone – a good year.

In 2012 our two most prolific match directors have setup “Team Hoser” – so many matches will be organized through their website.

Outage Information – June 2011

Many of you will have noticed a multi-day outage that was cleared just now.  According to our tracking, it started June 16.  That makes for a nine day outage.

This was due to the server farm changing its internet address, without notice, so that the name of the site and the address of the site did not match – hence no-one could load the site.

It is unfortunate, but the site is generously hosted by a volunteer, and if his server provider doesn’t tell him about an address change, neither he nor we will know.  Further, once we found out (from a CGN post), it turned out that our volunteer was working, out of the country, and away from a computer – so the outage took a bit longer to resolve than it might otherwise have.

Having said all of that:

  • it’s free, so I’m not complaining – we continue to be grateful to the volunteer for hosting the site at no charge, and for stepping up to fix and adjust things when required.
  • it is unlikely to happen again – this was our first outage in 55 months.
  • there is a periodic backup of the entire site contents, so worst case we could recover with another hosting arrangement.

Thanks to all for their patience – see you at the next match.


That’s a wrap for 2010

The Dec 18 Colby match is done, and that’s the season completed.

Thanks to all who came out, shot safely, and helped patch!  We will figure out the 2011 schedule early in the new year – and I think there will be a date at Colby in January, posted soonest.

Special thanks to the match directors – without you… no matches.

Colby confirmed for Dec 18.

Flyer under development – keep an eye on the Events section.

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